What is Lower Crossed Syndrome?

Lower Crossed Syndrome occurs when there is tightness in the hip flexors and low back muscles, as well as weak glutes and abdominal muscles.  This causes the hips to be tilted more forward and increase the curve in the low back.  This causes additional stress on the low back and hip joints.
How common is it?
Lower Crossed Syndrome is very common in the general population.  Things such as not being very physically active and working at a computer all day can increase the likelihood of developing Lower Crossed Syndrome.  In the seated position the hip flexors are shortened and if enough time is spent in this position, the hip flexors get tighter and pull the hips forward.  This is why chiropractors will often prescribe a sit/stand desk to allow for the patient to change positions throughout the day.  Moving throughout the day can help decrease pain and stiffness that are so common with desk jobs.
How do you correct Lower Crossed Syndrome?
It can be corrected by stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weakened/inhibited muscles.  There are a variety of stretches and exercises that can help.  Tune in for our next blog to see which ones can help you! Call us now at 1-866-874-5723 to schedule your appointment!