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Posture is something that has often been debated over the years. What is considered “good posture”? How important is “good posture”? What can you do to improve your posture? Now usually when you ask someone, “what is good posture?” they will tell you sitting/standing up straight with their head up high and their shoulders back. There is some truth to this. Putting yourself in this posture will help to disperse forces more evenly throughout the spine and help to protect the spine. It has also been shown to have psychological effects on people.

By standing tall you demonstrate confidence to yourself as well as others around you. The problem is that humans are not designed to be static. Our bodies are meant for movement! Someone who sits with “perfect posture” for 8 hours a day is going to experience soreness in their backs due to their back muscles tiring out. This is why something like a sit/stand desk is so beneficial. By switching positions throughout the day, you are able to change the load on different areas of the spine and get more movement in your joints. All in all having a “good posture” is important, but so is making sure we are getting up and moving around. By changing positions often, exercising, and stretching we can decrease the overall load on joints. This will help to decrease feelings of soreness, joint stiffness, and muscle tightness.

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