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What is Tennis Elbow?

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylosis) is an injury that occurs on the outer part of the elbow.

It is called tennis elbow because tennis players are more predisposed to experiencing this pain due to the forces they place on their elbow, although it can happen to anyone.

Damage occurs to the tissues located on the outer aspect of the elbow where the wrist extensor muscles originate.

Nerve irritation can arise if there is any inflammation in the area, which can make movements such as extending the wrist, deviating the wrist, grasping objects, or turning the hand to be very painful.


What causes Tennis Elbow?

man is shown following through on a tennis serve in three positions

Following through on the tennis serve















Tennis elbow is an overuse condition, which is why anyone can get it. Those prone to tennis elbow (other than tennis players) are professions in which there is a lot of wrist movement such as painters, butchers, cooks, carpenters, and so on.

Holding a weighted object like a tennis racquet is going to cause more stress at the elbow due to the torque force that is building as the person pulls the racquet back and then swings.  The most common ways for tennis players to suffer from this injury is with their backhand swing and/or serving.

Experience also plays a role in the likelihood of these injuries.  Novice players are more likely to feel the pain in their elbow resulting from poor backhand swing form.


What to do if you have tennis elbow?

woman is holding her elbow

Painful Tennis Elbow





a man is holding a painful elbow shown in red

Painful tennis elbow







Since this injury is an overuse injury, resting is a key to success in treatment.

Giving time for the tissues to heal and using ice to reduce any sort of inflammation will go a long way in the healing process.


How can Pollard Chiropractic help?

doctor is looking at patient's elbow which is wrapped

Elbow Exam at Pollard Chiropractic






Pollard Chiropractic will examine your elbow and determine the best treatment that will help reduce the pain and decrease recovery time.

One treatment is using Graston Technique on the extensor muscle tendons.  Since tendons do not get the same blood supply like muscles do, this helps to bring fresh blood to the area to help heal the tendons.

kinesiology tape for tennis elbow

Kinesiology Tape




Using Graston Technique for Tennis Elbow

Using Graston Technique for Tennis Elbow








Kinesiology Tape is also a great way to help provide some support to the area, decompress skin that may be putting pressure on irritated nerves, and help reduce pain in the area.

Other treatment options we can also provide include:

  • supplementary nutrition recommendations
  • adjust the elbow joint if needed
  • use the cryotherapy machine to reduce any sort of inflammation in the area as well

Give us a call at 866-874-5723 for an appointment.

We can help you with tennis elbow injuries. Come on in for an exam and we’ll talk about next steps to getting you on your way to recovery.