-Yes. I am a preferred provider for 98% of insurances. If not payment plans are available.

Most insurances do not need a referral, however some HMO’s do need a M.D. referral.

No. most times it feels great to get adjusted, some people might feel they have been worked on after an adjustment therefore I recommend to ice at home that same night.

No. it is not an addictive therapy; people continue to get adjusted on a regular basis because they want to not because they have to.

Yes. Whiplash injuries are helped significantly through chiropractic adjustments and it expedites recovery of those injuries. In addition there is a massage therapist on staff that treats car accident patients.

Yes. There are many different stretches that are shown in detail to each patient.

Yes. Many pregnant women get adjusted for lower, middle, and upper back pain, neck pain and headaches. Sciatica is common in pregnant women and it is helped with lower back adjustments. It is very safe and effective.

Yes. Many types of athletes come in to the clinic for treatment of injuries and/or maintenance to help performance. ie. football, soccer, baseball, golf, basketball, cheerleading, wrestling.

Yes. Scoliosis is curvature of the spine that can occur at birth, through incorrect posture or from an unknown cause (idiopathic). Many patients receive relief in their neck and back that may come from the scoliosis with chiropractic adjustments and from the exercises/stretches they are educated on.

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