Athletic Injuries

Athletic Injuries

There is a reason that professional sports teams like the Seahawks and Mariners have chiropractors on staff.  Not only are chiropractors a great resource for athletes when it comes to decreasing pain naturally, but they can also help to improve an athletes biomechanics, range of motion, strength, and injury prevention.  In order for athletes to perform at their highest level, they need to feel their best.

Common sports injuries we treat are ligament sprains, muscle strains, shin splints, tendinitis, tennis elbow, pulled hamstrings, concussions, and more.  We at Pollard Chiropractic address these injuries through a combination of adjusting joint restrictions, using Graston tools to improve soft tissue injuries, trigger point therapy, muscle pin and stretch, theragun, kinesio taping, rehab, massage and cryotherapy.  As a sports chiropractor, we can also help guide players through appropriate activities for practices and games. This is critical to ensure that players do not aggravate the injury.

Injury prevention is also something we like to highlight because often times there is an underlying issue before an injury occurs.  This is why it is so important to have athletes evaluated. Just through addressing an athlete’s biomechanics, strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight muscles, improving range of motion, and adjusting joints that are restricted, we can help reduce the risk of an athlete getting injured.

If you or someone you know participate in sports, having a chiropractor can be an integral part in helping you perform at your best!

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