Marshall Pierce

I believe there is an old ancient proverb that says “Never let distance prevent you from receiving the medical care you deserve.” In this case I did not let 3,000 miles get in my way. Traveling to Kent from Washington, D.C. for your opinion, consultation, treatment, and guidance was one of the best personal and physical investments that I could have ever made.

I am happy to inform you that your treatment and diagnosis is exactly what I needed. From your adjustments, I now have almost fully recovered the feeling in my left foot (98% vs. 40% before treatment) and the nagging low back pain that I have been experiencing for the past six months has been eliminated. It is great to wake up and move comfortably again.

I attribute this remarkable recovery to your expert treatment, profound ability to relate to the patients needs and your comprehensive understanding of how our central nervous system is so adversely impacted by small but acute spinal deviations that need constant care and maintenance.

Your ability to identify and explain exactly the root cause of my discomfort was reassuring since I have sought advice from medical practitioners in my local Virginia area and did not receive such a complete assessment.